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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  February 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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>> lady judge reggie walton shouted at darryl best today after the former police officer spent about ten minutes apologizing, telling the court, he cries himself to sleep overall of the page. judge was having none of of it, telling him avenue hard time telling a man you did what you did, and the judge wasn't the only one shouting. >> this man who asked his face not be shown, sprang from his seat being led out of the courtroom, telling curse words, telling former coat he hopes he dice in prison. out cited courthouse man who said one of the victims ways his daughter told reporters he was angered by the support the former pastor had gotten and why the didn't give him enough time. >> eighteen years ain't enough. they supported a pervert. child molester. >> one of those supporters is a woman who said she is darryl best isocon inch. >> i still love him. i don't condone what he do
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god loves him the best. so he has a lot of family support. we feel for the victims, we love them too. but, you know. >> the judge didn't seem convinced -- >> no, he didn't, he didn't. but, you know, who is he? >> darryl best was the pastor of this southeast church and a veteran dc police officer when the father of one of the girls he abused confronted him last march. fox5's marina morocco interviewed the man and his daughter, before the charges were filed. >> i asked this man, did you put your hand on my daughter? did you penetrate my daughter? did you have sex with my daughter? he -- >> reporter: darryl best was un masked by his fiancee who found nude photos of the guesser on his phone, neither victim was in court today, but family member told judge walton that the hurt has been extensive. it hurts and it continues to hurt. ladies, back to u.
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>> paul, thanks. in montgomery county we are learning new details about a man convicted of hitting a police officer while driving drunk. >> a judge sentenced lynnewood saunders to three years in prison yesterday after he was found guilty. sands hers quite a rap sheet including previous di icon vick seans, fox5 alexandra live in germantown with more on the story. alex, no way this suspect should have even been driving. >> reporter: no way at all, in fact, he had a suspended drivers license, and according to the states attorney's office he also had a cold beer in his pocket, in the front seat of his car he had a scale, dollar bills with cocaine, actual cocaine, and beer bottles sim full and some empty all while driving down this road right here, clock err road in germantown, then he struck a police officer, now, take a look at this dash cam video from that officer's
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murphy doing a traffic stop, this was back in october. then, you see 35 year old lynnewood saunders drive up and hit him. luckily, officer murphy jumps out of the way, but he is still hit by the car's mirror, despite being injured, he actually had a cracked rib, the officer got in his car, chased the suspect down, and ultimately, arrested him. >> you hit me with your car. and you didn't stop. >> if you are a drunk driver, and you strike a police officer, let me tell you, it will be a serious crime, this shows you, how judges in this county and how the police department, how the prosecutor's office in this county take a serious stand against that. we recognize how dangerous it is. >> this video shows that this officer was just inches away from being killed in this situation. when people drink and drive, they're like a
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bomb. and they're making the roads more dangerous for everyone who is on the road. >> again, saunders was the man behind the wheel, yesterday he was convicted to three years for each charge to be served consecutively. the two charges, dui and possession of cocaine, and he's no stranger to the law, though, he's been arrested for dui7 times, two of those arrests were in texas, and here in montgomery county's been convicted of 4dui's and fifth one which is pending. saunders has a laundry list of other arrests and charges, including repeatedly bribing witnesses, suspended license. now, you heard it there, what strikes a cord with many people, especially in law enforcement, how similar this case is to the one where officer was hit by a drunk driver, and killed. now, something also very concerning, is this statistic, in the
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montgomery county police officers have been hit by drunk drivers. so, incredibly disturbing. reporting live in germantown, al, andrea, fox5 local news. meanwhile, we are following breaking news from alexandria, virginia where police are on the scene after traffic accident. at least four vehicles collided on richmond highway at buck man road. here is a live look right now. this is from skyfox. where you can see the scene. at least four people are hurt, and are being taken to a hospital for treatment. police are investigating what happened, but you can see, that does not look good there. right now the southbound lanes of route one closed while police clear that accident scene and continue to investigate. the washington sheriff's department has charged a maryland couple with exploit ago elderly woman. authorities were alerted after the woman tried to get a home equity advance from a bank. the victim said she needed the money to help her ado
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granddaughter, lee motorcycle culley, pay for cancer treatment. police say mcculley and her husband brian king received more than $82,000 from the victim. after lengthy investigation they discovered mc cull did i not have cancer and was not being treated. the two both face theft and conspiracy charges. ncculley being held on $10,000 bond. >> a major development today when it comes to the company you rely on for energy in your home. a deal has been in the works to merge pepco withexlong. voted two-one, to reject that merger. but, that doesn't mean that this is dead. in fact, what happened today many believe actually paves the way for this deal to go through. regulators did vote to allow all parties to consider alternative terms for the merger, and if everyone agrees to those terms, the deal will be approved. the merger would create an electric utility with 10 million
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would be the largest, pepco and bowser have been negotiating this $65.8 billion deal, on the grounds that it would bring $78 million in benefits to the city, including one time credit to rate payers, job training programs, and donations to non-profits here in the district. but critics say the deal will not only mean high right hikes, and roadblocks to clean energy, it is also a deal that's marred by dirty pay to play politics. council mary chase critic of the merger she says the conditions that the public service commission negotiated today are laughable, while the people's council for dc disagrees. >> there is an inherent conflict of interest for us to take our financially stable, well functioning distribution company. anti-it to this
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distant money losing last century a to the i can energy, you know, utility. it doesn't fit. and it is not in our favor. it is not in the public interest. and the people of the district of columbia were harmed today, and will be harmed, on into the future, by this deal. >> mary chase says a lot of things, and a lot of sound bites that dismiss benefits that she doesn't agree with. as i have said before, that my issue is to make certain that residential consumers, in particular, and particularly those low-income consumers get immediate and tangible benefits. >> we still believe this is in the public interest. and beer ' pleased that they supported it, and kept it going. >> as for mayor mural bowser, she released this statement today: in response to what happened this morning, the public, this is a quote, the public service commission took the framework, renegotiated and made adjustments. we will have to
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review the commission's order to determine if it meets our goals or rate pairs, especially residents. according to today's ruling, the company now have two weeks to discuss the new conditions set by the public service commission and then make a decision, four other states by the way including the district of columbia, neighbors, virginia and maryland, have already said yes to the deal. >> america needs someone who is going to make sure that when we give our word around the world, that america's word means business. donald trump is just the man to do it. >> chris christie there, left the race for president, just over two weeks ago, and today announcing his endorsement for donald trump. fox5 political reporter ronica cleary here with the breakdown whatever it all means for the donald, and actually the rest of the candidates in the gop, too. >> very big news. >> it is big news, now, christie suspended his campaign after dismal showing in new hampshire. he came in sixth place. he got only
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now, since that time, christie hasn't done much. he needed annual budget address in new jersey, and he stayed out of this gop race limelight. okay? until today. in texas, governor christie, he took the opportunity to endorse donald trump, and also take a few addition at marco rubio. let's take a listen. >> and here is what we don't need. we don't need another washington politician in the white house, do we? do we need a first term united states senator in the white house? do we need an united state senator from florida who doesn't show up for work? let me tell something to marco rubio. the president of the united states is not a no show job like you treated the united states senate. >> now he went onto ask is texas going to be trump country. that's a direct attack on cruz, since right now cruz is polling ahead of donald trump. he said that he want the voters to sends a message to
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the washington dc establishment. when donald trump took over the stage, he of course thanked governor christie, but he also attacked the competition. here he is talking about marco rubio. >> and he was sweating so badly, i have never seen anything like it, it looked like he just jumped into a swimming pool with his clothing on. just remember this: really, really weak on illegal immigration, marco. 's nasty guy. and we don't need nasty. >> talking about is whether or not governor larry hogan will be endorsing donald trump because larry hogan previously endorse the chris christie, i did reach out to hogan's office for comment, about this issue, and what they said to me is that currently he's focused on maryland, and focusing on his job as governor. so, we'll just have to keep an eye out on that. >> thanks very much, ronica, appreciate t meante
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lady gaga on the oscar stage sunday night to talk about sexual assault on college campuses. biden will introduce gaga's performance until it happens to you, which is nominated for best original song, it is featured in the documentary the hunting grounds which deals with the issue of campus rape. biden will also promote the it's on us campaign, launched by the white house last year, to stop sexual assault. speaking of hollywood's hottest neutral, there is a popular hashtag that's trending on social media. >> hashtag millennials, choosing oscar categories. we'll show you funny poses ahead. >> finally scientific answer to the magic number of days before flight tickets at their cheapest, the best time to book a plane ticket according to a new study. plus, street cars are rolling into the district. what you can expect, it is a big launch tomorrow. sue? >> long time coming. >> yes, it will be very exciting, isn't it? seeing those tracks and the practice runs, laura. you know what you can expect
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lighter winds, especially as we get to the noon hour and beyond. this is one of those days where it looks so much better than it actually feels out there. we continue to have strong wind gusts, and it feels like it is in the 20's. friday night plans, i'll let you know what you can expect, we'll talk about winter to spring scenario for the weekends. laura, sarah, back to you. >> all right, before we head to break, we have breaking news to update you on from alexandria, horrific traffic accident we told you about a bit ago, at least four vehicles collided on richmond highway at buckman road. live pictures from skyfox. and you can see the severity of the crash on your screen. you are looking at a live picture where at least four people are hurt, and are being taken to a hospital for treatment. we'll have more on this coming up after the break.
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for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave.
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as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message. >> dc street cars will finally begin passenger service tomorrow. >> comes after more than decade of planning, construction, and testing. >> the street car will travel along h street and benning road, run on tracks first installed almost seven years ago. service will begin after brief ceremony at 10:00 a.m. it will be free for passengers for a limited time. >> i think it is a great idea. i mean, anything that's free, you can never go wrong with that. but, i mean, having a direct line from h street to union station, i in
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great idea. >> the street car will run six days a week, monday through saturday. all right, sue, so we're looking at some different weather than what we've been dealing with the past few days. >> see the sun out there. >> windy and cold. >> i know. >> freezing, i had to pull out the big puffy coat again. >> i'm just glad it is not raining. >> you're right about that, lawyer, a we've had it all in the space after month, big blizzard, tornado outbreak, and here is your reward coming, weekend will be fantastic, especially second half of the weekends. call it two face weekends because saturday will be cooler, than sunday, as we're still trying to ditch this cold air out of here. it looks beautiful, doesn't it? we're excited that things are going in a good direction, to give everybody a break, and also, to let the ground dry out, because the potomac is really full. we continue to see all of those streams and creeks running high. high temperatures today, though, very deceiving. it looked a lot better than it felt. only up to 40, 38 degrees at dullos, and already, down to 34 in gaithersburg, but
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know what? the wind everybody talking about it as well as enough flu toys coat the grounds in some areas this morning. flurries are out of here, but the winds are persistent. we still have a gust of 31 here at reagan, gust to 36 at dullos, and 30 at baltimore. so that makes it feel like it is in the 20's. and i would keep those heavier layers handy that puffy coat handy for later tonight. but the winds should get little bertment feels like 28 right now. feels like 22 at dullos, wind winchester, martinsburg, very brisk out there. so we're staying breezy early. jet stream has taken the dip to the south of the area. which is why we have the colder air in right now. but some nice changes as we head to the weekends, going to be able to start on cold note tomorrow with a lot of sunshine, clear skies overnight, so very chilly start, but then really nice rebound, as we get into sunday. want to just take a moment to talk about the winds, though, i just showed you the gusts up and over 30 in many places, sustained winds are still very strong, as women, so really hard to b
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and going forward, for the next several hours, by 6:00 here in the district, i think those sustained winds dropped to 16, by 8:00, they drop to 11, and by 10:00, 11:00 on the lighter side. so late tonight, those winds should feel much better, quick look at your weekend preview, going from winter to spring in the space of about 36 hours. we'll let you know how long that lasts fan there is anything down the road that we need to keep an eye on, such as are we going from winter to spring to winter. that might happen. we'll talk that a little later, sarah, laura. >> can't we just stop it at spring? i can't handle this. >> thanks so much. coming up next here, we've got your oscar predictions. >> our movie buff, kevin mccarthy, here with his top picks for this year. >> and former model, cheryle tiegs, blasted sports illustrated full figure swimsuit cover, but now seems to be changing her tuna little bit after the backlash. >> redskins are playing a game of tag and kurt
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coming up we'll give you the details on the skins' plan to lock up their free agent signal calling. >> ♪
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>> almost i wood's biggest night days away, academy awards will be handed out sunday. >> we should have brought our glitter and cold. >> i will be sunday. >> good. >> this year there are some sure bets, but other categories are still anyone's guess, fox5's kevin mccarthy shares some of his oscar predictions ahead of the big show. >> ♪ >> we are officially here, super bowl of movies, academy awards happening this weekend, the movie, i saw over 150 films last year, i will say this, aid problem with the academy awards for so many years. yet, i still tuned in to see what's going to happen on that show's night. but listen i think the academy awards have been out of touch for decades, specifically lost my fate in the oscars
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march 21, when they gave shakespear love that picture over saving private ryan. what a ridiculous decision, than year, where is star wars for best picture? where is compton for best picture? where is creed? they left out so many great films in 2015 in the best picture category. moving on to the prediction best director this year, i think it will go to read too again, won last year for birdman, this year, shot with all natural lighting beautifully photographed by mr. emanuel, who won the academy awards for cinema to go ready for photography, birdman might win again this year for the revenant, beautiful film, and shot in the elements, it was a very, very tough shoot. i think it will win but i really want george miller to win for mad max. i think one of the most incredible films of all time. this film, blew my mind, it was my number one movie of 2015, i would love to see george miller win. moving to supporting actor, i really think stallone might finally take it home this year, i mean, did he not win the bestct
5:25 pm
original rocky, lost to peter finch for the movie network. but there are a couple things against stallone. he did win the goal end globe. he won the critics choice. he was not nominated for sag, and elba won that award for the sag awards. but knott named for academy awardsment academy voters the actors are the largest part of the devote ers. so see what happens. i do think stallone has the steam to win. he was phenominal in this film. the moment when he finds out he's sick, that scene brew my minds, best performance of stallone's career so far. moving on now, goat says best supporting actress, category most up in the air for me, i think alicia will take home the award. but i think kate wins let deserves the award for steve jobs. really carry, this film, the danish girl. she was phenominal. won the sag award, and kate wins let took home the golden globe award, so right now it is split. i do think that it takes home the award for
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actress on oscar night. >> moving onto best actor now, well, you know what? let's wait for the 6:00 p.m. news for that prediction, along with best actress and best picture will be coming up next hour, laura, sarah, back to you. >> kevin, thank you. >> hollywood's biggest night kicks off this weekend but before the academy awards are handed out the a/k/a gang has few thoughts to share, kevin, and i yu and catching you up on hot oscar topics. the celebrity moments you won't see anywhere elsement tune in to a/k/a the awards tonight at 10:30, here on fox5. >> coming up: tebow bill. >> find out how tim tebow is inspiring home school kids in virginia. >> and little girl shares her heartwarming poem for a fallen officer. matt? >> back on q street tonight. remember this house where five people had to evacuate. well, q street just reopened about an hour and a half ago. take a
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the streets opened, but the sidewalk sure isn't. city officials are still really concerned about the stability of this house, today crews were here filling in the side lot. coming up after the break, we're going to show you exactly what took place, and tell you what the city has to say about this. also, an effort to find these people new housing, it has not been easy. stay with us. us.
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>> we have an update on the chance of the rowhouse on q street northwest, just short time ago, police reopened that stretch of q street had been closed because of the clams. meanwhile five tenant who lived in the house are unable to return home, now having hard time finding other affordable ho
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launching an investigation into who is to blame. fox5's matt joins us live from northwest with more on this, matt? >> reporter: take a look behind me. you can see work is underway, just probably within the last hour and a half to two hours, they've actually let people go, back inside. it awe peers they are using this plywood to go down into the basement and possibly fortify the law, joe, if you could show the site lot here, since we last showed you last night, take a look at the back part of the house it, look like it is drooping even more, remember, this all really began the other night when we had that heavy rain, couple of the residents say they noticed cracking in the walls, they told everyone to get out. you can see it as it is right now. i want to take to you video. this is earlier today. remember they were trying to dig out a basement here. so it, really wasn't that secure, so today what they
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they basically filled back in whole area here, the other side of the story, these tenants, who simply have no place to live, they've been in hotels now, but they've also been in the process of trying to find new place cents to live. the problem for them, they say, the rent here was really cheap, in finding other places in this area. , it has been difficult. we talked to two of them today. take a listen to them. >> finding a new place to live, security deposit, first month's rent, on two days notice. not to mention transportation, getting to and from the hotel, we don't have a refrigerator to keep -- to cook or keep food in. >> it is a huge financial burden. the worse part it was a very affordable house, but we were very accustom to paying a certain amount. and by quick searches right now we haven't found anything comparable to what we were paying. >> all right, w
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showing you right now the go funds me site. that was set up by zach and andre, a the two people that you just saw in that interview. they didn't want to do this but they really are facing a hard time getting into a new apartment. they've got to get a security deposit in place. they've been living in this hotel, whisk paid for by the developer, at this point, though they say they have other costs, and they really appreciate, so far gotten over a thousand dollars donation, and the neighborhood around here is really trying to do their best to help these folks out. back out live, you can see, crews appear to be taking this plywood down into the basement. i was told by city officials today that they were going to have to take down this house, but it appears the contractor here is trying to save it or at least fortify it for now until the house can be taken down. laura, sarah? >> matt, have you been able to talk to the developer to see what they have to say? >> reporter: i did find the
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he was here on site. i asked him, can you talk a little bit about what happened? he didn't want to talk to us. but i should point out that the residents are telling me that he has put them up in hotels. he has paid for their application fee, to sign up for a new apartment. but they also told me, zach and andrea told me, that they are looking to finding possibly an attorney who can help them through this process. they know that they have rights here. they no longer live here it, will cost them a lot of money to get into another place. so, they're consulting with an attorney, and as you mentioned before, dtra, those are the people who basically grant permits, and keep an eye on building processes throughout the city. they have launched an investigation. so far they don't have a ruling on this, but they continue to look into the situation. back to you. >> thank you. >> meantime, students at a private school in olney, maryland were saluted by montgomery county police today for something the children
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outside their school two months ago. officer, one poet em seventh grader for the roads she wrote about the solemn experience. fox5 bob barnard has the story. >> i wonder if he'll be watching this long procession of his. >> it is a special assembly at saint john's episcopal school in olney where the entire student body last december stepped outside this building to watch the funeral procession of a montgomery county police officer killed in the line of duty. >> i hear the faintest whisper after voice, i see the sirens flashing so, so bright. want to thank him but i am quiet? just 24 years old, struck and killed by a suspected drunk driver, while conducting a dui traffic stop, along rockville pike. >> i touched the tears off a friend's face. i worry about nobody is looking. >> seventh grader alexandra close was so moved by the experience, she wrote a poem called i am. which made its way to the p
5:36 pm
officer rose bourseo surrounded those powerfully poinent words with photos, now has presented the portrait to the school. remembering that heart breaking procession. >> but i can tell you the moment we all saw you guys standing along the street and saluting us and holding your hands over your hearts, every single police officer was touched by that very deeply. momentarily took the pain away, and made us extra proud to be police officers. >> after the assembly, we asked alexandra to read her poe he will, words that touched the nerve in such a profound and comforting way. >> i understand this happens every day but i say to myself that it does not. >> the aftermath of officer's death has been tough for his family. they've been to annapolis, pushing the general assembly to pass noah's law that would toughen the punishment for convicted drunk drivers. >> noah's law, simple law, that can save lives. these children's lives.
5:37 pm
been overwhelmed by the community's reaction to noah's death in so many special ways. >> i dream that nothing has happened. that will this was just a fantasy. i hope he'll have christmas for where ever he may be. >> it brought out what everybody was feeling. you said the right words. you hit the right notes. and i thank you for that. >> in olney, maryland, bob barnard, fox5 local news. if you are home schooled, in virginia, want to play sports for your local public school team, well, you can't right now. but state legislators want to change the rules of the game. they've passed two bills to allow home schooled kids to participate in sport. the legislation is nicknamed the t bo bill after former nfl quarterback tim tebow. he was home schooled and way as loud to play for his local high school in florida. similar legislation was passed last year but governor terry
5:38 pm
mccullough vetoed t republican legislators are hoping that this time the governor will sign the bill in to law. meanwhile, speaking of football, talking redskins. they are making headlines as usual it seems like. >> there is no off-season. i mean, there is no off season for the nfl in general, but specially when you have pending free agency for your starting quarterback, then your back up quarterback might not be with the team again, always something. >> always little controversy. >> always little bit. we have maybe update today. >> okay. >> well, the nfl off season less than month old. it looks like the redskins biggest off season question has been answered. according to reports, the redskins will use one of their tags on free agent quarterback kurt cousins. tagging cousins' virtually assurance he will in a redskins uniform next season, skins have two tags at their disposal, the franchise tag and the transition tag. according to reports, the redskins haven't decided which tag they will use on the young signal caller. >> this year both gm and head coach said the team is working on long-term extension with cousins. so here are some of the
5:39 pm
tags. the franchise tag is the average of the top five players in the position salary wise, and the transition average top ten players. so this year for quarterback like cuss continues equates to one year tag worth $19.6 million. the transition tag is $17.5 million. i don't know how you would be able to live without the $2 million. franchise tag would lock cuss nines one year with the redskins. transition tag allows him to negotiate with other teams. and the redskins have seven days to match any offer. how about the other skins quarterback, robert griffin the thirds. earlier this week redskins president bruce allen hopes rgiii gets another opportunity with the team and wished him well in the future. and today a report shines some light on the team's plans for griffin. reportedly, two teams are in talks with the redskins about trading for rgiii. griffin has a $161 million option on his contract for negatives season. but if estrayed dollars that option is void and he would have to renegotiate a new deal with the team that acquir
5:40 pm
now there are no details on the identity of the two interested teams. and this is my favorite story of the day. this is five year old, lives in royal village in afghanistan. huge messi fan. want add jersey so badly but his dad explained they can't get a jersey in their village. he cried and cried until his brother made this, makeshift jersey out after plastic bag. the pitcher went viral, and messi saw the picture. and sent this, a brand new autographed messi jersey. messi is unicef ambassador, they tracked him down to give him the jersey. when they asked him he said i love messi and my shirt says he loves me. >> oh, my gosh. >> and it is the power of the internet. like what are the odds that someone in this rural village, brother took him of him in a plastic bag, put it on facebook it, blew up world-wide. >> and messi responded. >> they'll try to arrange, so he can meet his hero with a care
5:41 pm
>> best story of the day. thanks for bringing it. >> ♪ >> either you love him or you hate him. tom brady may be trying to soften his image a big. new england patriots quarterback posted this video on facebook. it shows him introducing his new puppy, fluffy, to the world. brady is standing on a rock with his other two dogs, and when he raises fluffy in the air, you can hear the lion king circle of life playing in the background. hilarious. the video has been viewed more than 2 million times. brady and his wife adopted the pup from an animal rescue group in los angeles. >> ominous for his other two dogs, though. >> oh, right. >> oh, oh. that's pretty fun, though. >> it is funny. coming up former model cheryle tiegs responds to backlash after calling full figure cover girl ashley gram un health. >> i
5:42 pm
the best time to book a plane ticket according to new study. the number you will want to remember ahead. sue? >> plane ticket to a warmer destination, sounds like a good idea. but stand by. we're going to bring the warm weather right here to the dc destination. probably shocked some of to you see these snow flurries this morning, and they were enough to coat the grounds in a few areas, we were expecting this, as it came across the mountains. didn't know it was going to be investigate just enough to coat things. out of here now. next up for the weekends, how about little bit after warm up? i'll let you know when when to expect it, when fox5 local news at 5:00 comes right back.
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richard montgomery high school, the school sponsored career day, student got chance to meet professionals in a number of different disciplines including
5:46 pm
math and physics. manned a boot on media, writing and journalism. student asked questions about the job, and about becoming a journalist. >> look at allison. >> yes. >> love that girl. >> she does it all. >> she does. so you have been very busy, and things have calm down a little bit. although the wind was picking up today? >> tgif. crazy week, we started with, you know, women, first of all wednesday with our big tornado out bring, now today the big winds, we head into the weaken we have nice improvement in the weather forecast, little spring preview coming your way and i love the fact that we can still see out there as the sun going down couple every minutes before 6:00 now. how nice is that going to be? winds are going to diminish later tonight. still be somewhat in the recall. windchill will still make you realize that, yes, it is indeed still february. but i want to start with some casino of interesting news, and also, show you a beautiful picture sent
5:47 pm
isn't that gorgeous? when we get to monday, which will also be real nice day, that's the first time the sun goes down at 6:00. sun will come up at 6:41, that gives us 11 hours and 19 minutes of daylight, but wait, there is more, i want to show you what else we are watching as we get closer to monday, we have daylight time coming, daylight saving time i believe is march 12th, i'll try one more time, doesn't seem to want to come spring is march 20th. so, we are in good shape as we head on forward. our weekend is going to start on chilly note though. do you know that, we will be in the four's tomorrow, as we get on into sunday, it will be much warmer, see if one more time i can get that to pop out. if not, we will just keep on moving. work week will start out nice and warm, with temperatures near 06, as well, winds not over quite yet. think there might be little ripple of cold air coming next thursday, and into friday. the pattern this week, has been chilly for the last coup
5:48 pm
to tomorrow. as we get on in to next week, and certainly by sunday, there goes the jet stream traveling to the north. and the warmer air is going to be moving right back into town. so here is a look at your weekends. saturday again little on the chilly side. not quite as breezy specially as we get into the afternoon, 46 degrees, how about sunday? are you going to be spending some time outside? if not why not? 62 degrees, and it will be a great day, it won't and windy day either. temperatures tonight, pretty chill. again factor in the fact the winds is still blowing, did you see that camera shaking behind laura and sarah, still because of the winds, that are gusting up and over 30 miles an hour in many areas, so really relentless today. dullos still with gust of 36. twenty-nine for quantico. twenty-two for frederick burying, and that means it will feel even colder with windchills right now even in the 20's as we head for overnight lows in the low and mid 20's in the suburbs to the north and west, to about 28 degrees here in d.c. so cold start tonight. few
5:49 pm
those breezes should diminish to 15 miles an hour, but still feel that tomorrow 46 degrees, not as windy, definitely on the chilly side. then as we have the 40's in town for saturday, high pressure moves the coast to allow winds to change direction, and bring the 60s back into town, ought to feel fantastic. still staying warm monday there is storm of weak clip letter pass well to the north. so out ahead of it we get warm. that will will keep the storm track well out of our area too. and while we just see that southerly flow getting reinforce the maybe some clouds late day as the storm passes cents on by. but should be dry day for us. that's going to give us bonus day to start our work week out in the 60s. i mention the return of winter. maybe late next week. thinking high pressure will surge another cold front into town, thursday into friday, may see storm develop in that time frame. could be rain or snow if that cold air is well positioned. so, we will watch that as we
5:50 pm
get forward into next week, we sure have run of warm days, after saturday, at 46 degrees, look at all of these days, into the low 60s, tuesday, even 62, we're dry, which we really need to dry out since the grounds is saturated. river streets running full, next chance at 06 degrees sunday, little cooler thursday at 45. cooler still head on into friday with the chance of rain or snow and temperature of 42 degrees. all right, that's your forecast but don't go anywhere. we will be right back.
5:51 pm
5:53 pm
>> latest switch suit issue. >> now, a veteran sports illustrated mod sell speaking out, slamming that move. former model cheryle tiegs said actually i don't like it. that we're talking about full figure women. because it is glam rising
5:54 pm
smaller than 35. that's what doctor oz said, and i'm sticking to it. i don't think it is healthy. her face is beautiful but i don't think it is healthy in the longrun. so those comments caused a backlash, on social media, as you might imagine. she later tried to explain her remarks, to clarify regarding body weight, being anorexic, ebola app i can, over wet -- weight, i want them all to be as healthy as they can. >> i get that. >> i don't know. you were saying before, it is like we look at the front that far magazine, you can't judge a book by its cover. he doesn't look unhealthy. >> not unhealthy at all, no. >> and you don't know what -- yes. >> everybody's got something to say. always about somebody's weight. >> finally, there is a scientific answer to that magic number of days before a flight when tickets are at their cheapestment that number next. next.
5:55 pm
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if you are planning to take a trip and look to go get the best price on airfare, listen up. new study by cheap air. com says the best time to buy domestic airline ticket is 54 days in advance. >> of course, this is not an exact science, but expert say if you book anywhere from three and a half months to three weeks in advance, you will get the best deal. study also found procrastinators pay a premium. flights booked just a week to 13 days ahead cost $75 more than the lowest price ticket. >> i just added that, you can't wait until the last minute. sometimes you get lucky, other times, no. >> right. it is luck. thanks for joining us tonight a
5:59 pm
>> fox5 local news at 6:00 starts right now. >> at 6:00 emotions ran high inside dc courtroom as former police officer was sentenced on child porn and sex abuse charges. >> drunk driver in montgomery county spend the next few years behind bars, but it is the number of times he's been arrest that will shock you. >> we'll update you. fox5 local news at 6:00 starts right now. >> former dl list officer head today prison for assaulting two young girls, darryl bells, also served as the pastor of church in southeast. today judge sentenced him to 18 years in prison. >> telling the judge, quote, i am a sinner. fox5s
6:00 pm
the courtroom for the sentencing and joins us now with more, paul? >> today after the former police officer spent about ten minutes apologizing profusely, telling the court he cries himself to sleep over all of it, but the judge said i have a hard time under standing what a man can do what you d the judge wasn't the only one shouting. >> man sprang from his seat as best was led out of the courtroom, yelling curse words, telling the comes i hope he dice in prison. outside the courthouse the man who said one of the victims was his daughter told reporters he was angered by the support the former pastor had gotten. and the judge didn't give him enough time. >> eighteen years ain't enough. they support add pervert, child molester. >> one of those supporters is a woman who said she is darryl best's


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